Portable Eco-Friendly Solar Charger 12000 mAh power bank w/ dual USB/micro charging

Portable Solar Chargers
  • EMERGENCY LED TORCH FLASHLIGHT w/ quick flash for SOS for extra safety outdoors
  • SOLAR TECHNOLOGY makes this charger eco-friendly w/solar technology for self-charging in sun
  • HIGH QUALITY & CAPACITY w/12000mAh Li-Polymer Battery and AC charging capacity for faster charge time
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY silica gel and ABS + PC materials exterior rubber grip is Waterproof & Shockproof
  • CHARGES MULTIPLE DEVICES simultaneously - smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS, MP3/4 & bluetooth headsets w/ 2 hidden USB ports

Perfect for the environmentally friendly family, couple or person, for use in the outdoors or at home! This high capacity, 12000mAh eco-friendly portable solar charger by E*Star Goods is great for those who love the beach, outdoors; camping, hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, skiing, fishing, running, hunting, or rock climbing! Rest assured that this solar charger can self-charge with sunlight and charge your devices efficiently. It comes with a carabiner for easy hanging on to a backpack or any hook. Equipped with an additional safety feature; the emergency LED torch flashlight with SOS quick flash can come in handy for many different situations.

Manufacturer note: Charging via sunlight will be much slower than charger via USB (i.e., 8 - 9 hours sunlight charging to achieve 20-30% capacity). Solar Panel: 5.5V 1.7W, Precondition: Irradiance reach to 1000W/m (also called "Peak Sun" times). 1.7W/5.5V = 0.309A = 309mA, 309mA * 1 peak sun hour = 309mAh. (309mAh is the capacity of sunlight transferring to the electricity in the battery.) 25.9 peak sun hours. (25.9 hours is the time needed for sunlight to charge the solar power bank fully, In winter, you may have less than 2 peak sun hours in whole a day in some areas.)

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