Eco-Friendly Collapsible Water Bottles - ALL SOLD OUT!

Perfect for the environmentally friendly person, family or couple, for use in the gym, outdoors or at home! This BPA-free, silicone bottle by E*Star Goods is a great choice for those who love space-saving and portable water bottles that are great for the outdoors; camping, hiking, backpacking or the beach! This water bottle has a screw top wide lid for adding ice cubes or fruit to your water. The bottle height is 10” when standing upright and folds down to 5” tall when rolled up into the folded position. Equipped with an additional latch feature; the strap has a clip that wraps around the folded base of the bottle and clicks into the plastic ring holding it in place which can come in handy when trying to save space. The bottle also has liquid volume markings from 2oz. up to 22oz for ease of measuring. We recommend you clean the bottle prior to first use for optimal drinking experience. Enjoy!